Here are the usual challenges when using Zoom on Lyon. We hope these guidelines provide clarity, so you can enjoy the full experience on Lyon.

1. How do I connect my Zoom Account?

To be able to use Lyon's Zoom integration, make sure that your Lyon account is connected to your corresponding Zoom account. Read how to connect your zoom account here

2. I'm getting this error: "The Meeting Number is Wrong". How do I fix it?

Meeting Number is Wrong Error

This error usually appears if you have clicked "Set-up" on stream management, and you haven't connected your Zoom account yet. To fix this, please make sure your zoom account is connected and make a new stream.

As of the moment, you'll need to create a new stream/event if this error shows up. Signing in on zoom will not fix the issue for already set-up streams. New ones must be created

3. How do I use Zoom Desktop with Lyon?

Lyon allows you to open your Zoom App through the platform. To do this, just click Launch after clicking Set-up on the stream management page. A prompt will appear asking if you want to open the app.

4. Sign-in button shows up instead of Launch. How do I get into the meeting?

If you encounter this error, your device might not be compatible for the Zoom for Web integration. You can still use Zoom with Lyon using the desktop app. Your users or participants should still be able to participate through their browsers. To open the Lyon meeting on your Zoom app, follow these steps:

1. Open your Zoom App
2. Click Join

3. Enter the meeting number as shown on your screen

Meeting Number Provided on lyon Page
Join meeting using Zoom Desktop

4. Click Join. This will now allow you to join the training session. To start the stream for the participants, you will still have to click Set-up and Start

You can resize the Zoom app to use it conveniently with your Lyon Web app.