Here are some guidelines to make sure you experience the best benefits of Lyon πŸš€


We believe in providing value to all our customers through offering continuous support. Our team can be contacted through the chat cloud button found on the bottom right corner of the majority of the pages in the platform.

Instructional Video

The instructional video provides new users a general idea of the activities available in the platform. You can access it by clicking "How does Lyon work" in the bottom left corner of your homepage.

Using on Mobile

The app is designed to be able to simulate a mobile application. Although a simulation, it can still perform the same functions of its web counterpart. To save the platform as a mobile app, you will have to:

1. open a mobile browser (Google Chrome, Safari, etc.)
2. Go to,
3. Select β€œAdd Lyon to home screen” when the alert appears.

This action will place a Lyon shortcut onto your home screens. You can also easily access the app by simply going to

Opening links through Messenger/Facebook:

1. Clicking on a link through fb messenger redirects you to a WebView browser. To ensure that you are opening the app on chrome, click the settings button (three dots) on the upper right corner of your screen, and click Open in Chrome

Internet Requirements

Make sure that you have a good internet connection to view streams or participate in video conferences properly. We recommend that users have at least a 3 MBPS Connection. To experience the best version of Lyon, 12 MBPS would be needed.