We've compiled a collection of articles that you can read to guide you through the whole Lyon experience 🦁. Please feel free to play around your accounts through these helpful materials ⚡

1. Creating a Lyon Account

2. Apply as Trainer

3. Managing Provider Accounts

4. Connecting Zoom & Using Zoom on Lyon

5. Creating Live Events

6. Managing Live Sessions

7. Creating Forms/ Quizzes/ Activities

8. Post live sessions: Distributing Certificates, Viewing Answers, and Summarizing Information

9. Disconnecting Your Zoom Account

And since we care, here is a list of guidelines for your valued customers as well:

  1. Using Lyon - General Guidelines
  2. Buying / Registering for an Event
  3. Joining a Live Session
  4. Managing their Lyon Profile
  5. Getting Certificates

For common issues and concerns, you may refer to our FAQs. For further inquiries, contact us on [email protected]

Have fun exploring!