After your event has concluded, you can manage everything that happened during your sessions with your very own event dashboard

Event Management Page

On this page, you can choose to navigate between four (4) tabs that each have their own function: Event Summary, Manage Participants, View Answers, and Q&A and Chat

Event Summary

You can view quick statistics about your event, as well as the number of people who completed the deliverables through this tab

Event Summary

Manage Participants

You can assess the viability of each participant for a certificate through this tab. You can also view your participants' attendance logs and answers through this feature.

View Answers

With this feature, you can view all your participants' answers in summary or individually. You'll be able to assess the level of learning they experienced during your training sessions.

View Answers Tab (Summary)
View Answers (Individual)

Chat & Q&A

This tab allows you to review the written exchanges between the users and speakers throughout your event. You'll be able to determine which time frames people are most active in and vice versa.

Chat & Q&A Logs