Attendance checking, Quizzing, Group activities - These are just some of the things you can do on Lyon. You can assume full control of your training sessions by taking advantage of these features.

Streams/ Sessions

Your events are broken down between different streams or sessions. If you have a 10-day event, one stream could be dedicated for one day. They can also be used to break down AM and PM sessions. Another use case is streams as rooms (helpdesk room, networking room, etc.)

You can choose between two stream set-ups:

Webinar - Only the speakers are in the call, everyone else is just watching the stream of the conversation. Participants can still participate through chat, Q&A, and activities. Great set-up for big-scale organized events

Group Call - Video/Audio enabled for everyone. Works best for small classes that needs a considerable amount of interaction

You can choose your stream set-up (choose stream type) after adding a stream/creating an event

Choose Stream Type 
Choose Stream Type

Management Screen Layout

Clicking on a stream will redirect you to the stream management page.

Stream Management Page

From here, all activities can be done or triggered through the activity menu.

Activity Menu

You can also view when someone enters/leaves the room, as well as completes an activity through the recent activity panel. The usual Q&A and Chat panels are also available for a bird's eye view of communications during your session.

Starting your Stream / Updating your Stream Status

You can update the status of the stream to Set-up, Start, Pause/Resume, Stop, using the set-up panel just below the video feed.

Set-up panel
Sample Confirmation Message

Choosing a specific status or state will update your participants' screen. A confirmation message will appear to make sure that you did not misclick.

Available Stream Statuses:

Set-up - Trigger this to alert the users that the stream will be starting soon. This will also launch the Zoom integration ONLY on the training provider's stream management page. This will allow you to organize your speakers and do necessary adjustments before letting the participants join.
Start - Will start the Zoom group call/webinar for the participants. It will also trigger the entry attendance check
Pause/Resume - Will trigger the paused vector image for the participants. This can be used for short breaks to save internet data. Resume will reactivate the group call/webinar for the participants.
Stop - Will trigger exit attendance check and will end the stream

Initial Status

Initial Status (Provider View)
Initial Status (Participant View)

Set-up Status

Clicking set-up will initiate Lyon's Zoom integration for providers. This will allow you to test out audio/video for panelists and organize before you start your event. Note that this action does not start the webinar/event for participants yet.

Set-up (Provider View)
Set-up (Participant View)

Start Status

Clicking Start will now enable the participants to enter the webinar/meeting. It will also check for their entry attendance.

Start (Provider View)
Start (Participant View)

Pause Status
Pause allows you to signify a break during your training session. You can use this status to halt the current stream either for a break or a resolution of a technical problem.

Pause (provider view) - Zoom Interface Still available 
Pause (participant view)

End Status
Ending the stream activates the exit attendance check and disables the stream for all the participants.  Performing this action will disable further status updates

Provider View
Participant View

Managing Activities

All activities on your live session can be managed through the activity panel.


You can trigger random attendance checks through the Attendance Panel by clicking the Attendance Button. Clicking Trigger Now will show the attendance check pop-up for the participants

Attendance Panel (after clicking Attendance Button)


Quizzes can be added and activated through the Quizzes Panel.

Quizzes Panel (Stream hasn't started)
Adding a pre-made quiz to your stream

A quiz can be activated once the stream has been started. After clicking "Unlock", the quiz will pop-up on the participants' screens. Your participants can always re-answer a quiz through the Forms Tab.

Breakout Sessions

Breakout sessions allow you to create groups for your participants and enable collaborative work.

To enable a breakout session, click the breakout button from the activity menu. This will open the breakout room control room. From here, you can distribute the participants randomly, or assign them to individual groups.