Seminars on Lyon are very immersive. You'll have access to different tools that provide you with the best online training experience.

Going to a session

  1. To join a session or enter one, you can either a) go to the page using My Seminars on your profile or b) use the link given to you by the trainer.
Event Page (Sessions)
  1. A session that is live or ongoing will have the live badge
  2. Clicking on a specific stream or session will redirect you to the room. From here, you can participate in the group call, chat, ask questions, take quizzes, and confirm your attendance.
Session Room

3. Several Tabs are made available for you on this page. Chat, Questions, and My Attendance are available on the right hand side. Details, Attachments, and Forms are available below the stream/group call section. (For mobile, Details, Attachments, and Forms, can be found under the Stream tab)

Chat, Questions, and My Attendance Tab (Right Part)
Details and Forms Tab (Below Group Call)
Details, Attachments, and Forms (on mobile)

Confirming your attendance

  1. When the trainer starts the stream, you will be given a pop-up attendance check. They can also trigger an attendance check at any point of the session, as well as an exit attendance. Make sure to complete all.  To confirm your attendance, you just have to click Okay on the pop-up dialog that will show up.
Sample Attendance Pop-up
  1. To check if your attendance has been logged, you can go to the My Attendance Tab.
My Attendance Tab

Answering Forms (Quizzes, Activities, Feedback Form)

  1. Similar to attendance checks, your trainer can opt to unlock a quiz during a discussion, Doing so will trigger a pop-up quiz.

2. If a quiz does not pop-up on your screen, you can always access it under the Forms Tab. You can answer it as long as the trainer keeps it unlocked.

Forms Tab with sample Form

Breakout Sessions

  1. Your trainer may opt to group the participants through a breakout session. To go to your designated breakout room, a pop-up dialog should show up that will redirect you to your room.
  2. Click Join

3. After the breakout session’s time limit has elapsed, make sure to close the tab and go back to the main discussion room.