Paying for your live seminars/courses has never been easier. With Lyon, you can chose between the most convenient payment centers and online payment gateways to complete your transactions.

To purchase your chosen content on Lyon:

1. Make sure you are signed-in with your Lyon Account. If you don't have an account yet, read Creating a Lyon Account

2. Click the event link provided by your trainer/ Select the event you want to buy from our Discover page

Sample Link through messenger

3. Open the event link using Google Chrome (How to open in mobile available in General Guidelines ). This action will redirect you to the event page. This page should include information about the event and the sessions that are available.

Event Page

4. Click Buy for PhpX.XX (Purple Button). If the event is paid, clicking will redirect you to the payment page. Otherwise, it will instantly redirect you to payment completion.

Payment Confirmation

5. For paid events, you will be given a selection of payment methods. Easy online options such as GCash and over the counter at 7-11 are made available for you, along with many others.

Payment Page

6. Discount/ Access codes could also grant you access directly to the event without paying. To use one, just enter your given discount code in the “Apply Discount” section and press Apply

Discount Code

7. After using a discount code/ confirming your payment. You will be redirected to your transactions page. You can view the events you have ordered on this page. This page is also accessible through your user settings as well under My Transactions.

Transactions Page

8. Clicking on an event thumbnail from here will redirect you back to the event page. If you have successfully purchased an event, it will have the label of “Purchased”.

Purchased Event

9. You can always revisit the seminars you have bought through your profile page under My Seminars.

My Seminars Tab under My Profile