You can use Lyon's quizzing feature as a means to gather feedback, perform activities, and conduct surveys or polls.

To create a quiz:

1. Go to your provider account through your user settings.

2. Click on My Quizzes. This action will redirect you to the Quizzes/Forms page. This page contains all the forms you have previously made, and allows you to preview the participants' perspective.

Forms Page
Form Preview

3. Click Add Form. This will open the form creation tool

Form/Quiz Creation Dialog

4. Fill out the form details

5. Click Next to skip the preview.

After Clicking Next Twice (Add Question)

6. Add a question. You can select between four types:

Short Answer (Identification)
Long Answer (Essays)
Multiple Choice
Attachment Answer

You can also choose to attach a file to your question.

Question with attachment

7. In case you have selected Short Answer/ Multiple Choice, indicate a correct answer. For short answers, you can add as much consideration as you prefer

Short Answer (adding of correct answers)
Multiple Choice (selection of correct answer, Yellow)

8. After you've added your questions, select Save Quiz & Close on the upper right corner.

9. Add the quizzes to your live sessions and/or courses and you're good to go!