Your online meetings, with all the training tools made available for your convenience and efficiency. Seminars on Lyon are more immersive and powerful than your regular meetings.

Here is how to create one:

  1. Go to your provider page. You can navigate to this page using your user settings on the upper right corner of the page. Select My Provider Account

User Settings (upper right corner)
Provider Page

2. From the provider page, click + Live Seminar. This will redirect you to the seminar creation page

3. Fill out the live seminar creation form

Live Seminar Creation Form

4. Choose a type of reward that suits your content (CPD, Ranking, Others.) Choosing one will automatically generate a certificate for the seminar.

5. Add a Stream. Stream are the sessions for your event. You can segment it in any way that would work for you (By day, by room, etc.) . Just fill out the form with your session title, description, date, and speakers. Thumbnail is optional. Make sure to select Add Stream before you close the window

Sample implementations:

Day 1: Introduction...
Networking Room

Add Stream Form
Newly Created Event (Manager Mode)

6. Select Add Event. This will redirect you to the manager mode of the event page that you just created.

7. Enjoy Streaming!