Create your own masterclass courses using Lyon's Course Creator features. By utilizing our Course Creator, you can easily organize recorded videos, articles, pdf readings, assessments, and track your students' progress.

Creating a Course

To get started in creating your course, just follow these steps:

  1. Go to your provider account
My Provider Account (User Settings)

2.  Go to "Courses"

Course List (Provider Page)

3.   Select "+ Course"

+ Course Button

4. Fill in the details for your new course.

Create Course Form (Basic Details)
Create Course Form (Video Teaser)
Create Course Form (Add Lecturer) - If a lecturer has a Lyon Account, the app will automatically use their accounts' details
Create Course Form (Add Rewards) - Adding a reward will add a certificate to your course
Course Objectives and Rewards

5.  Once Finished, Select "Add Course"

6. You'll be redirected to the Course Preview Page. From here, you can view the details of your newly created course. You can also enter the Course Editor and Publish the Course From this page.

Course Preview Page

Adding Content to your Course (Adding Modules & Module Items)

To start adding modules and customizing your course, you'll have to enter the Course Editor. To go here, just click "Course Editor" from the Course Preview Page.

Course Editor (New Course)
  1. You can start adding modules by clicking "Add One Now" or "+ Add Module".
Add Module Form

2. After adding a module, you can add items inside in the form of pdfs, videos, assessments, and articles. To add one, you'll need to select the ellipsis button and choose "Add Module Item"

Add Module Item Button
Full view (Add Module Item)
Add Module Item Form - You can also opt to make certain Module Items Free

Different Types of Module Items

Article Module Item - Allows you to fully customize an article-type reading for your students. You can use the different features on our text editor to combine simple text and media to create an immersive reading experience.

Sample Article Module Item

Video Module Item - Allows you to upload edited course recordings, or directly import from one of your Zoom sessions.

Upload/ Import Selector
Sample Video Module Item (Editor View)

PDF Module Item - Allows you to upload PDF Files. They may be in the form of exported files to PDF from a different type, or pre-made course readings.

Sample PDF Module Item (Editor View)
Sample PDF Module Item (Student View)

Assessment Module Item - Allows you to add pre-made forms/quizzes, or create new ones.

Sample Assessment Module Item (Selecting from Pre-made)
Sample Assessment Module Item (Creating New One)

Publishing your Course

Publishing a course makes it public and purchasable. Once you are done customizing your course, you can publish it by clicking the "Publish" Button on the Course Preview Page

Course Preview Page
Publish Confirmation Message

After publishing your course, your students should be able to enjoy the collection of content that you have created!